ESOTERIC busca Guitarrista y Tecladista!

Me sorprendi cuando lei esto.

Esoteric, banda de metal experimental con tintes funeral doom e hipnóticas melodias ha publicado que necesitan un guitarrista y un tecladista, ambos equipados y disponibles.



Dejo con ustedes el llamado oficial:

Guitarist and Keyboard player required:

We, Esoteric are currently looking for a replacement for our third guitarist, Kris Clayton who departed from the band earlier this year and also require a replacement for our keyboard player, Olivier Goyet who recently moved back to his homeland, France. Experience and own equipment are a necessity. The band has been in existence since July 1992 and is currently writing material for the sixth album. Regular gigs in UK and abroad.

Contact: greg@?sinistrous.?demon.?co.?uk